The TRUTH About GOD & Humankind

In an evil world dominated by forces that would enslave the souls of God, it is easy to lose our focus on God. You see there are only 2 places where one can put his/her focus - Above or Below. Another way to say this is that we can focus on the Kingdom of God OR we can focus on the kingdom of the Earth!

Now as Believers we expect the world to be corrupt and soul-stripping, but we seem never to expect to find the CHURCH similar to the world!

As Believers, we are supposed to be different. An objective view of the CHURCH today looks awfully like the world in too many cases.


Signiture Pictures from Kenya, Africa and LOVE IN THE WORD CHURCH came together to create a platform THAT IS FREE.

We were inspired to create a place where Christian artists could perform to do that which they were called to do - To soothe the aching souls bound in an evil, dirty, and corrutpted world so that as Believers we could do what we were called to do - worship & praise!

HossanaTV is the place where ALL people of FAITH can come EACH day for a short period to excape the world and look inward to look heaven-ward! This is why we are here and why we are proud to provide a place of PRAISE & WORSHIP - FREE of ALL financial encumberances.

Come and join daily and Worship the KING!

THIS is what we are ABOUT!

THIS is the real Truth about God & Humankind

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